New offers notifications

In order to receive notifications about new offers via e-mail please complete Work preferences section, select at least one:

  • preferable location (voivodeship)
  • preferable type of work
  • preferable professional area

After defining professional preferences please mark option I would like to receive offers consistent with my professional preferences.


What is the form of delivered notifications?
  • Notifications are sent in the form of an e-mail with a list of new offers.
  • The list contains basic information about the offers: name of an employer, position, type of work, location, link to the offers.
  • In order to be able to see the whole contents of an offer you should follow the link and sign in.
    • After signing in you will be automatically redirected to an offer.

How often are offers notifications distributed?
  • Notifications are distributed in the evening once a day.
  • If in the portal during a particular day there will be no offer consistent with your professional preferences – you will not receive any e-mail.

To which e-mail address notifications are sent?
  • In case of students / alumni creating an account via University Study-Oriented System it will be an e-mail address indicated in this system.
  • In case of students / alumni, of University which is not supported by University Study-Oriented System, it will be an e-mail address indicated during creating account procedure (via form or Career Centre employee).

How to change e-mail address to which notifications are sent?
  • E-mail address may be changed on the Professional profile ⇒ Additional information ⇒ Contact data subpage.

Am I going to receive notifications about all new offers published in the portal?
  • No. Delivered list consists of offers compatible with your professional preferences only. You are not going to receive notifications about remaining offers (not consistent with your professional preferences). This is the reason why it is so important to complete My professional preferences section in a precise way.