Offers may be searched and browsed by signed in users only.

Offers search

Search an offer
  • Offers ⇒ Find an offer
  • precise search based on various offer’s parameters (e.g. field of economy, type of employment contract, salary)
    • applying every other filter limits search results
    • applying too many filters may cause lack of results
  • button Delete cancels all filters and search results

Searching saved offers

It is possible to create tabs in the portal - fast links to particular offers.

If you want to return to browsed offer later on, click Save this offer button.

Saved offers may be browsed in Offers ⇒ Saved offers section.

Searching via filters

Filters functioning

The portal enables saving different sets of filters and searching offers according to saved filter later on.

This option is useful when we often search database according to the same parameters and we do not want to determine them in the browser every time.

Creating filters

Filter may be created after any search. On the top of search results webpage (list of particular offers) appears notification, informing which filters were used together with Add to my filters of searching button. It is enough to click and filter will be saved in filters database.

Filters application

  • Offers ⇒ My filters
  • You should choose a filter and click Perform this search button
  • It is also possible to mark Show the result after signing in option, and the filter will be used at every signing in (list of current offers consistent with the filter will be displayed after signing in)

Searching via professional preferences
  • Offers ⇒ Offers consistent with professional preferences

If you have set professional preferences, all offers which will be displayed on this webpage:

  • are current (valid expiry date)
  • were not browsed by you ( in the portal or via e-mail)
  • are consistent with your professional preferences

Applying via the portal

Contact form
  • In order to reply to an offer via the portal click Contact with an employer button situated at the top of the offer webpage.
  • You may modify title and contents of an application.

Attachments to an application

Attaching CV and other documents

CV generated automatically from the portal may be attached to an application (if you have precisely completed Professional profile section) or you may attach files from your computer (CV, cover letter, portfolio).

  • CV generated from the portal is attached in a default way, however you may tick off this option.
  • in order to download files use Add an attachment button.


Is it possible to send personal CV applying via the portal?
  • Yes. You may attach your CV or use CV generated by the system based on information placed in My profile section by using Contact with an employer option.