portal usage Regulations

General provisions


  1. portal has been founded within the "Portal of Academic Career Centres" project by Intercollegiate Centre of Informatization designated by Rectors of Polish Universities Confederation.
  2. These Regulations specify rights and duties of the portal Users.
  3. Portal Users accept all provisions of the Regulations.


For the purpose of these Regulations the following meanings of terms are determined:

  1. Regulations – the " portal usage Regulations".
  2. Service provider – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.
  3. Portal administrators – employees of Career Centres of Universities participating in the "Portal of Academic Career Centres" project.
  4. Portal – Internet system delivered by the Service provider in the domain constituted within the "Portal of academic Career Centres" project
  5. Offer – job, internship or voluntary work offer placed by the Employer in the portal. Serwisie,
  6. Services – entire range of services delivered by the Service provider and Portal administrators in the portal.
  7. Employer – an individual or a legal person, as well as another organizational unit without legal personality, using the portal and offering places of work, internship or voluntary job addressed to students and alumni.
  8. Candidate – individual (student and alumnus of the University involved in the system administration), using the portal in order to get in contact with a potential Employer.
  9. User – Employer or Candidate.


  1. Service provided by the portal is free of charge.
  2. Employers have the right to place in the portal job offers, company’s descriptions and logotypes as well as, in case of Candidates, personal data in the form of curriculum vitae.
  3. Users have the right to report any inaccuracy or impropriety of portal functioning as well as about its contents.

The types and the range of service usage


  1. Service provider as well as Portal administrators enable Candidates access to offers placed in the portal.
  2. Access to offers, referred to in Subparagraph 1, means searching and sorting offers as well as sharing Employers catalogue, about whom information was placed in the portal.
  3. Candidates have an opportunity to enter CV and other data referring to them in order to be processed by the Service provider as well as Portal Administrators in a range needed for its selection, corresponding with the demand of particular Employers and in order to share it with them. Service provider and Portal administrators allow offers subscription, based on informing Candidates about job offers placed periodically in the portal, corresponding with pre-defined Candidates’ choice criteria.
  4. Candidates apply to offers placed in the portal sending application (CV) to Employers.


  1. Service provider as well as Portal administrators share CVs of Candidates who possess the profile in the portal and agree to its sharing.
  2. Employers may place in the portal job, internship and voluntary work offers.
  3. Employers receive job applications from Candidates via the portal.
  4. Employers manage enrollment processes as well as Candidates applications in the portal automatically or with the support of Service providers and Portal administrators.


From the moment of Candidates and Employers registration in the portal contacts between parties are conducted without involvement of Service providers or Portal administrators. Any disputes should be resolved between parties concerned without engagement of Service provider or Portal administrators in any legal action.


Service provider and Portal administrators do not take responsibility for any damages caused by acts or omissions of Users, in particular the use of offers system in a manner inconsistent with applicable regulations or the Regulations as well as damages resulting from giving incomplete or incorrect data.

Terms of the service


  1. In order to use the service Users have to possess an account in the portal.
  2. Account registration in the portal is free of charge.
  3. Registering an account in the portal, User accepts these Regulations by marking an appropriate option during first signing in to the portal.


  1. User may demand deleting his account in the portal at any moment by using an appropriate function.
  2. A demand to delete User’s account means deleting all data connected with this account, collected in the portal as well as resigning from further usage of portal functionalities, for which possessing an account is necessary.


Service provider as well as Portal administrators do not take any responsibility for the lack of access to the portal caused by general failures, technical breaks, interruptions in Internet suppliers services, data loss or as a result of force majeure effect.

Terms of placing job, internship, voluntary work offers in the portal


Offer contents are placed via electronic forms available in the portal after Employer’s signing in. Offers are published in those sections available in the portal, to which Employer directed them by choosing appropriate field in the form. Offer is placed for the period of time indicated by the Employer.


  1. Decision about publication of a particular offer in the portal always depends on Portal administrators.
  2. Offer placed by the Employer in the portal is shared with a Candidate after being accepted by Portal administrators. Detailed criteria of entering offer in a correct way is included in the "Instruction for using the portal by the Employer".
  3. Regardless any resolutions of the Regulations, final decision about publication of each offer depends on Portal administrator.


  1. Employer’s registration data is announced to Portal administrators.
  2. Giving incomplete or untrue registration data might cause refusal of Employer registration as well as offer acceptance. Dane rejestracyjne Pracodawcy podawane są do wiadomości Administratorów Serwisu. Podanie niepełnych lub nieprawdziwych danych rejestracyjnych może skutkować odmową rejestracji Pracodawcy, co równoznaczne jest z odmową przyjęcia ofert.

Restrictions in using the portal


It is forbidden for the portal User to download data included in the portal, for duplicate purpose, it is especially not allowed to copy information included in the portal to any website as well as to publish, forward, modify or store portal substance in any other database.


It is forbidden to publish offers for reasons different than selection and recruitment of employees and intern Candidate . Service provider as well as Portal administrators do not take responsibility for violation of this ban by third parties.


It is forbidden for the User to publish illegal contents as well as to use the portal in the way that is against the law, good manners or violation of other people personal rights.


Any activity potentially or actually obstructing or preventing proper functioning of the portal is forbidden.


Service provider and User administrators may block User’s account in the portal if a User, by his activity, violates the Regulations or the law in force.


Any action or omission aimed at evading the Regulations is treated as breach of its provisions.

Personal data processing


Users personal data, provided by them (from their own free will only), is collected and processed in the portal resources. Administrators of this personal data, as defined in the Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1781) is the University where Candidate has studied or is still studying. Service provider as well as Portal administrators process personal data of Candidates, necessary to perform the services in the proper way, defined in these Regulations according to the Act of July 18, 2002 on electronically supplied services (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2013, item. 1422, as amended ).


"Privacy policy" specifies detailed rules of processing personal data, Users authorizations as well as Service provider and Portal administrators duties in this respect. „Polityka Prywatności” określa szczegółowe zasady przetwarzania danych osobowych oraz uprawnienia Użytkowników, a także obowiązki Usługodawcy i Administratorów Serwisu w tym zakresie.

Final provisions


  1. These Regulations may be modified one-sided at any time both entirely or partly by the Service provider and come into force in a new version from the moment of its publication in the portal.
  2. Information about Regulations amendment is displayed in a form of a statement for at least 14 days from its modification.
  3. User who does not agree to amended Regulations may stop using the portal.
  4. The Regulations come into force on 15 January 2016.