Privacy policy

Last update: 16th May 2018

Data collected in the portal


  1. Registration of this group of users is conducted by employees of Career Centres of universities united in the „Portal of Academic Career Centres” (SABK) project, after receiving an agreement for processing personal data from a student/alumnus.
  2. In case of universities using University Studies Service System (USOS system) accounts are established via indicating in the system „joining portal” option.
  3. Some of the universities united in the „Portal of Academic Career Centres” (SABK) project give their students/alumni possibility to create an account in the portal individually via University Studies Service System (USOS system).
  4. The following information is forwarded automatically during migration of data from USOS system: first name, second name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, information about current or already finished studies at the particular university: field of studies, year of commencing and completing studies, information about Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis and achieved entitlements.
  5. ID number is used for communication between USOS database and the portal.
  6. All data in reference to studies, migrated from University Study-Oriented System, is hidden from other users in a default way. Student/alumnus individually, after signing in, decides which data may be visible to other system’s users: employers or employees of home Career Centre.
  7. Student/alumnus individually enters to the system additional information such as: IT skills, language command, completed courses, achieved specializations, professional experience, occupational preferences.


  1. Employers register their company in the portal on their own by entering such data as: name of a company, address, contact details and company’s main account (in order to sign in to the portal
  2. In the database of the portal, except facts referring to a particular company, information about offers placed by the employer, is collected. Offers are entered by the employer and contain such information as: type of work, position, professional area, requirements, language command, completed studies, experience, professional competences.

All users

  1. The portal collects additionally an information about such activities as: signing in and signing out of a particular user, sending contact e-mail to an employer in reply to an offer, sending an e-mail to student/alumnus by Career Centre. There are also stored access accounts of Career Centre employees.

The use of collected data

  1. Data connected with authentication: user’s name and a password are used in order to sign in to the portal by the owner of the data i.e. person belonging to one of three groups: student/alumnus, employer, Career Centre employee.
  2. Students / alumni data enable Career Advisors to realize their tasks in Career Centres. If a student/alumnus shares his personal data with employers, representatives of companies registered in the portal may search candidates to work by specifying such criteria as: completed studies, experience, language command, professional preferences.
  3. Offers placed by company’s representatives are shared with all registered users from groups of: students/alumni and Career Centre employees, while students/alumni may see offers accepted by Career Center employees only.
  4. Student/alumnus receives access to an e-mail of an employer who has published job offer only if an e-mail address was indicated in the offer as a type of a contact.
  5. E-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers indicated in personal information of employers and students/alumni are used by Career Centre employees only in order to contact them.
  6. Statistics is generated and presented in the portal on the basis of automatically collected information concerning signing in, access to offers etc.

Personal data modification

  1. Student/alumnus may demand cancelation of their data from the portal at any time. Career Centre employee confirms this demand and as a result, at the time of next data migration the latest, personal data is permanently deleted from the portal.
  2. Modification of personal data is done by its owner, however in case of student/alumnus it is not possible to change data downloaded from the University Study-Oriented System (USOS system).
  3. Information referring to studies, diplomas and entitlements is updated during everyday data migration - according to current state in University Study-Oriented System (USOS system).
  4. Employers data may be modified or canceled by the employer. Career Centre employee may generate new password for the employer or cancel his data on individual demand.
  5. Data collected automatically during operation of the system cannot be modified or canceled.

Using cookie files

  1. The portal uses cookie files in order to store current user’s session only, after signing in to the portal. For this reason, according to the interpretation of an amendment to the Communication Law Act announced by the Spokesman of Ministry of Administration and Digitization, it is not required to inform users about applying this technology.

Data protection

  1. Communication between user’s computer and a server of portal is realized with SSL secure protocol (Secure Socket Layer). Third parties do not have access to database and its backup.

Privacy policy modifications

  1. We reserve the right to change foregoing privacy policy by publishing new version on this website.