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Anna Bielawiec-Osińska

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Grzegorz Markowski

Information for Universities willing to join the portal

The portal is developed within the „Portal of Academic Career Centres” (SABK) project of Intercollegiate Centre of Information Technology (MUCI). SABK project unites 8 universities at the moment, however is opened and ready to accept new academic career centres. In order to join SABK project particular university must become a MUCI member (shareholder or affiliated member).

Why is it worth to join the SABK project?

The aim of the portal is comprehensive service of job, internship, voluntary work offers. It enables sending notifications about trainings, workshops and newsletters. Students /alumni have possibility to create professional profiles on their own, generate CV as well as define professional preferences, whereby mail notifications about new offers from chosen field are sent automatically. Offers added by registered employers, after verification by Career Centre employees, are available for all signed in users.

The portal is compatible with University Studies Service System (USOS system, comprehensive software supporting process of studies service), which significantly facilitate incorporation and usage of the portal (e.g. automation of users accounts creation). However, it is not obligatory for the University to possess USOS system in order to join SABK project.

Additional information about the range of service as well as possibilities offered by the portal can be found on the following webpages:

Contact for Career Centers considering joining SABK project: Anna Bielawiec-Osińska.