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Sharing CV with employers

Since September 2014 employers registered in the portal are able to recruit candidates actively – search anonymous users’ CVs as well as provide them with dedicated job and internship offers.

Recruiters are able to browse candidates CVs which have their owners’ consent. It may be done on CV sharing webpage.

There you will be able to see your CV the way the employers visualize it.


What should be done in order to draw recruiter’s attention?

Why is it worth to precisely complete professional preferences?

What does it mean that employer will be searching anonymous CV?

Is an employer, sending an offer, going to have an access to personal / contact data of candidates?

What kind of information will be visible to employer in my CV?

Is it possible to hide information included in the CV that was once revealed?

Is it possible to resign from receiving offers from a particular employer?

How to block receiving offers from a particular employer?

Am I still going to receive e-mail list with new offers?