Guidebook for students / alumni

What is worth doing during first signing in
Portal may be used by students and alumni of universities associated in the portal.
Creating an account

Portal is used by 8 associated universities at the moment. Each of them uses separate procedure of creating an account for their users in the portal.

Particular procedures are described on signing in webpage of the portal (expandable area). Information may be received also directly or on the webpage of Career Centre of home University.

Account activation

After creating an account you will receive an e-mail with activation link.

In order to activate an account you should:

  • click activation link,
  • create a password (enter twice in order to confirm),
  • accept portal regulations

Important! In case of interrupting activation process it will be necessary to generate activation mail by Career Centre employee once again.

Signing in

Signing in via logging for students / alumni subpage.

Signing in data

  • Your ID number is your login
  • Password is set at the first signing in / account activation

Errors connected with signing in

  • An attempt to sign in via logging panel assigned to employers
  • Signing in without account activation

Password recovery

Password may be recovered via the webpage. In the form you should indicate login (ID number) or e-mail address given during first registration to the portal as well as type code from the image.
New password will be sent to the e-mail address indicated during first registration to the portal.


After signing in, important notifications referring to your profile and information from your Career Centre will be available in this tab.