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Professional profile – virtual CV

Entering data

Some data referring to studies as well as acknowledged diplomas placed in Professional profile tab is downloaded directly from University Study-Oriented System (refers to Universities using USOS system). Remaining data should be completed individually.

Why is it worth to complete the profile?

By completing Professional profile tab you may:

Generate your CV

Receive additional offers from Career Advisor

Be selected by the recruiter

The most important data

It is worth to describe and update data included in the profile, especially those mentioned below:

  • level of language skills,
  • level of computer programming skills,
  • vocational entitlements,
  • professional experience,
  • courses and trainings

Professional competences

What are the professional competences?

Grups of professional competences

Definitions of professional competences

How to specify the level of possessed competences?


How to check level of profile completion?

What is the aim of does not refer option?